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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What a great first day!  I must say, I have a great group of 26 kids and a student teacher that is working out great!  All but 4 of the kids I had last year which makes things easier and harder at the same time. Easier that things run smoothly, and they know pretty much what I expect and how tod o things.  More difficult in that I can't do everything the same way and have to be a little more creative to keep their attention.  Today was no exception. The kids knew what to do when they came in and helped the new ones to know what to do. But because in my mind they knew what to do, I didn't schedule quite as much time for certain activities, which led to me being behind schedule most of the day.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

So I started my day off with interest inventories on their desks.  They put away their supplies and got right to work.  Then I did my expectations powerpoint with the classroom tour.  I then read
and we created a list of things that would give us drops in the bucket and things that would take drips away.  I love this book for how easy the kids can visualize the meaning.  It was then time for a quick snack break and recess, followed by Music class.

When we came back into class, I passed out blacnk lined paper and told them to be ready for a quiz.  They panicked a little.  I then began the test which were all questions about me. Some were true/false, some were multiple choice and some were complete the sentence.

1. Mrs. Kunst went to the local high school, true or false.
2. Mrs. Kunst 's favorite flavor of ice cream is a) chocolate, b) vanilla, c) cookies and cream, d) none, she hates ice cream.
3. If Mrs. Kunst were to go on an all expense paid vacation anywhere, where would she go? a) Europe, b)Australia, c) Florida, d) China
4. Mrs. Kunsts's radio is set to which station in her car a) country, b) pop music, c) rap
5. What does Mrs. Kunst like to do in her free time a) read, b) scuba dive, c) paint, d) cook
6. How many years has Mrs. Kunst been a teacher?
7. How many books did Mrs. Kunst read this summer?
8. How old is Mrs. Kunst?
9. True or false, Mrs, Kunst has never been out of the country.

Then they switched papers and learned how to correct papers in my class.  This is a really fun way to teach this important skill.  Plus it was a fun way for them to learn a little more about me.

By this time it was lunch.  The next thing we did was go through our desks and arrange supplies and make sure our name was on each folder.  I also told them a little about each book or workbook in their desk.  This is when I looked at the clock and about had a heart attack that I had 15 minutes to have them empty their cubbies and practice their afternoon going home routine and tell them about the morning routine.  Choas for sure!  Oh well, most of them already knew right? :) 

Tonight I am feeling sleepy and my throat is sore, but am looking forward to tomorrow.  We start our Oh, the Place You'll Go theme! :)  Check back again tomorrow to see what we are up to!


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