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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Theraputic Thursday

 Since it's Therapeutic Thursday, I'm here to talk about how to relax after a really stressful day. ..

Unfortunately, after a really stressful day at school, I don't have the luxury of vegging out or forgetting the world.  At least not until after the littles are fed and bathed and put to bed and everything is cleaned up and ready to go again for the next day.  There are a few days when I would love to just come home and not do a thing, but that won't happen for like 20 more years!  After the littles are taken care of however, I can take some time for myself to de-stress.

A nice hot shower with this delicious shampoo and conditioner are a great way to start.

Then a nice hot cup of coffee, mmmmm.  Relaxes me pretty quickly.

I can get lost in blog-land or a DVR'd show, like The Bachelor or Law and Order, something that doesn't take any thinking at all. 

 After that, I love to sneak off to my Sleep Number bed early and read until I fall asleep.  This usually tends to help my situation. 

There are many times when this doesn't happen because in reality, when I have had that bad of a day, after the littles are asleep, I run to bed as fast as I can to end the day! 
I can't wait to hear what is theraputic for everyone else, maybe I will steal some of your ideas so link up!


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