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Saturday, August 4, 2012

And so it begins...

Finally!!!.... I have been tempted and tempted again to start my own blog and finally here it is.  I don't really know what I have to offer others that they might find interesting, helpful or anything for that matter, but after spending hours... and I mean hours... looking/stalking other teachers' blogs, I thought, what the heck, I can do that too!  Mainly, I really wanted to comment on other peoples blogs but had a difficult time doing so when I didn't have a blog myself.  I also really wanted to participate in some of the amazingly fun linkys I have seen, and so here it is!  Any and all help, advice, guidance is appreciated, just be nice with it :) 

To introdcue myself more, I live in the stunning, absolutely beautiful Southern Oregon.  This year I will be finishing a loop from fourth gradeto fifth grade with a very sweet group of kiddos.  I love organization and labels, think that everything needs to match/coordinate, and spend way to much time making things cute!  I LOVE this time of year when I get back into my classroom and change things up, making things better and more "cute"!  I am addicted to pinterest as many teachers are.  I try to DIY as many things as I can and love to borrow... steal... ideas! I look forward to this new blog journey and hope that I can be just as helpful to someone out there as many of you have been to me!


Mary said...

Welcome to blogging! I would follow you, but don't see a follower thingy. If you go to the teacher's cauldron blog or I teach, what's your super powers (found on Farley's 3rd grade page) they have tips for starting out a blog. I also googled a lot. I know there is a newbie blog hop somewhere, if you visit my blog you can find it.

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