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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eek... the end is coming too fast!

I know many of you have been back to work for some time now, but I still have 2 weeks left.  I finally decided on my room color, made most of my purchases for the year and have been working here and there to get it done.  I haven't had much "chunked" time to go in so it has been hit or miss lately.  My goal is to be 100% ready for kids by next Monday, except for all that important stuff, like what I am going to be teaching! :) 

I think I have arranged and rearranged my desks 5 times so far and every time I go into my room, something has happened and I have to start all over.  For instance, last week I took down all teh posters and things I had created 8 years ago and was going to remake and rearrange where they will go around my SMART board.  I spent time measuring it all out to be perfect for my eyes and started rehanging.  Time was up so I left me little mess to come back to the next day.  when I showed up the next day ready to continue, low and behold everything was off my walls again!  The custodians were taking advantage of "clean for the most part" walls and repainted.  This is fabulous by the way, but a little frustrating that I had spent time measuring it all out and will have to redo that when I go in tomorrow evening. 

I do have a couple questions for anyone out there.
1.) Every year during our teacher in-service week back, the teacher's have an Open House wehre kids can come drop off supplies and meet their teacher.  I send home an invitation/welcome letter with a supply list.  I have always included "homework" for the child and parent for the first day of school.  It has ALWAYS been "Bag's of Me". Where kdis answer 5 questions in a bag that tell more about themselves.  For the parents, I have them write me a ltter that more introduces their child to me and tells me anything they want me/need me to know right away.  This year is different since I will be looping.  When I have looped before, I have had them do the same homework, but I am looking for new~ freash~ amazing ideas... any help you could give?  It needs to be something they share, like about their summer, but I like it to be visual as well.  (Boy that was a long worded question )

2.) What kids of gifts do you give your students on their desks that first day of school?

I thank you in advance for any suggestions or ideas you give!  Check back really soon to see my room reveal!  I can't wait!


A Teacher Without a Class said...

I'm your latest follower. When I first started my blog, I begged my family members to follow--just begged. If you get to 10 without begging then you are doing much better than I did!

Laura said...

Hi there. New follower here :) I too am looping some of my kids this year so have had to look around for some new ideas. One idea the I probably got from someones blog was a time capsule. Each student fills out a paper about their likes and then they trace and cut out their hand and foot. Finally they measure themselves with a piece of string which they actually put in a large envelope along with everything else. I am doing this in class, but it can easily be done at home and then brought in and shared. Then once everyone has shared, put all the envelopes in a bin and open again at the end of the school year to see how they have changed. Another idea could be to give them a t-shirt template and have them design a t-shirt that represents them. If you are interested in the time capsule paper let me know and I can send the document to you. Sorry for the long winded response.

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